Next generation fins for heat exchangers

In the manufacturing industry, changes occur day-by-day along with our inevitable changes life style. Especially heat exchangers for automobiles, which are our major customer's domain, need to be improved in accordance with technical innovation of automobiles.

In addition, high-volume production of heat exchangers is required to meet the demands from the emerging market where motorization has been accelerating recently.

In Creads, the design of fin rolls is done in-house and customization is possible. In addition to conventional radius convolution, “flat top”, offset and lanced-offset fin designs are available, which were formerly only possible to make by slow speed press forming systems.

*Note: Due to the Nondisclosure agreement with our customers, we use only images of fins on this website.

Utilizing the features of roll forming makes fin production speed faster. Creads would be able to offer a better solution to customers manufacturing fins for automobiles and air conditioner in large volume. Also, we have received a high evaluation from many OEM manufacturers worldwide regarding the quality of products. We truly believe that our products would satisfy your requirements.

A variety of standard features and options choices afford you the ability to custom configure FOS Fin Mills for any specific application. Please contact us for any questions or enquiries. CONTACT US