Our business

Optonics (coined word from optics and electronics)

With business-academia collaboration, we develop a measurement system and image processing system. With the application of 3D visualization and image processing technologies, we would be developing a 3D measurement for tubes/pipes as well as other software for machines.


Example: Fin & Tube Analyzer

Fin & Tube Analyzer is a non-contact measurement device where the fins and tubes need not be moved. This is a measurement system where both fins and tube are measured using the X-ray Method.

F & T Analyser

Fin Type 1

Fin Type 2

Fin Type 3


Example:3D Measurement for tubes/pipes (Virtual Fixture)


Intelligent software

We develop software with our partner company in India.


  • Simulator for a tube/pipe bending machine:
  • The bending operation can be simulated by entering some parameters to the software before the actual operation on the machine.

  • 3D CAD Preprocessor:
  • This software can read XYZ coordinates of tubes/pipes automatically from 3D CAD data.

  • Online diagnosis system
  • This system enables us to identify issues of a tube/pipe bender and provide support online.

Smart equipment

We sell machines and equipment which are created from Optonics and Intelligent software or from the application of these businesses. We aim to have a new sales method which has not been introduced to the machine industry before, such as e-commerce, and provide products to our customers all over the world.


  • CB series tube/pipe bender
  • We have developed CNC tube/pipe benders which are easy to use at a reasonable price

  • Benders for long tubes/pipes
  • A tube/pipe bender with tandem heads for long tubes/pipes is under development.

  • New concept bender
  • We aim to develop a tube/pipe bender with a brand-new concept.


We will find a new growth in the field of science technology and implement its industrialization.