Fundamental Principles

At Creads groups, our fundamental principle is ongoing service. By offering better products and services, we aim to fulfill our social responsibility by being a company of value to all of our stakeholders - our customers, shareholders, employees or the local community.

Company Creed

Create new demands by effectively utilizing its technology.

Existence Value

Concept of trichotomizing profit:

  • Return it to the local community
  • Return it to the customers
  • Return it to the shareholders and employees

Corporate Stance

While pursuing profit through fair competition, we will respect human rights in compliance with all regulations and international laws. Our actions inspired by high moral principles allow us to advance our company thereby ensuring a progress in society.

<Pursuit of customer satisfaction>

The Creads group will continue to develop and offer new technologies by aiming to provide our customers with the required high quality services and innovations.

<Pursuit of employee satisfaction>

The Creads group will continue to ensure that all employees are made available with an opportunity for an enhanced career and improved standard of living. We strive on creating a corporate culture that is fair and provides equal opportunities for all employees. In this culture, fair effort gets fair evaluation and recognition. *1

<Fulfillment at work>

The Creads group will foster a positive attitude in each of its employees by promoting independent actions and choices. Our aim is to be a company that enables dreams and creating pride in our employees and their families with a satisfactory and rewarding work environment.

<Mutual prosperity>

The Creads group aims for mutual prosperity of itself and all of its stakeholders.


The Creads group strives for accurate and prompt information disclosure in an effort to be an "open-door" company with a high degree of transparency both internally and externally.

*1 Corporate culture: Create the working environment that all employees can accomplish a mission to create business success without any fear for their lives, which we consider as a corporate culture


Under the principle that we find new growth in the field of science technology and implement its industrialization, we develop products which appeal to the quality of "Made BY Japan". We achieve this through continuous research and development of cutting-edge technologies with business-academia collaboration. We aim to dominate commercial markets of the world as the only company and be the number one company in that regard.

We hope to collaborate with research centers and universities in Japan and all across the world.