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TOS folded Tube Mills are the leading technology mills for producing complex design folded heat exchanger tubes. TOS Tube Mills incorporate roll forming technologies that make possible complex cross section design that advance the design possibilities of future generation high performance heat exchangers.Tube forming is a core technology of Creads.TOS Tube Mills make that technology available to world heat exchanger manufacturing industry.


All TOS Folded Tube Mills are built from standard modular design components that can be configured for any simple or complex tube design. TOS Tube Mills can be re-configured for new tube designs on a production floor. TOS Tube Mills can be retooled and reconfigured to produce new design after new design when the original tube design produced has run its product life span.

A range of features choices allow TOS Tube Mills to be configured for high and low volume manufacturing applications, complex and simple tube designs and the most advanced or basic manufacturing processes. A TOS Tube Mill can be configured to “fit” any manufacturing system.

“B”type,”O”type, turbulated, multiport and complex designs can be produced on a range of TOS series Tube Mills that can be suited for any manufacturing application.


Creads is the world leader in advanced roll forming technology for production of complex tube designs from light and ultra-light gauge metals. Roll forming for multiport and inner turbulator tubes are advancements in heat exchanger tube forming developed by Creads and applied by the world 's leading heat exchanger manufactures to advance heat exchanger designs to new technology levels.

Unique development capability, unmatched shape forming and the ability to hold demanding tolerances developed over a history of producing more folded tube mills than any other maker have made Creads the clear industry and world leader in folded tube forming.


TOS Tube Mills can be equipped with a variety of optional features and integrated with related equipment item for manufacturing process design.

In process flux application systems, dimensional check vision systems, data collection and different cut-off types are available.

High and low speed, semi-automatic and completely automated tube collection and tube loading systems to core assembly machines are available to complete low labor cost work cells.


TOS Tube Mills produce complex shape folded tube mills at higher rates than is possible with other manufacturing processes and folded tube mills. Tooling changeovers are made in minutes by technicians of all skill levels with modular tooling plates designed for quick change and minimal set-up adjustment.

Material wasted in changeovers, starts, stops and adjustments is minimized on TOS Tube Mills that are designed for use by operators of all skill levels. All TOS Model Tube Mills are built for years of continuous use. They combine tube forming technology with operator friendly operation and heavy duty rugged durability.

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