F&T Analyzer

CREADS has developed a first-of-a-kind measurement device by incorporating advanced technology for high precision and focusing on the concept of Non-Destructive Measurement. It enables the customer to obtain valuable evaluated data helping to push forward in the area of quality assurance. We have developed this machine with National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology, Japan.

Fin & Tube Analyzer is a non-contact measurement device where the fins and tubes need not be moved . This is a measurement system where both fins and tube are measured using the X-ray Method and having a resolution lower than 10?m.
The conventional method of Fin measurement involves stretching of the fins. Our advanced measurement device measures the louver angle, louver cut length and the height of any part of the fins without stretching or any stress

Our innovative measurement device measures the “R” side and delta area in the center of the tube without any resin required. The invisible areas can be spotted and evaluated by this device.

To ensure safety, we have provided the device with a double lock. When the X-ray is working , the door doesn’t open because of the first lock. There is an interlock provided which is the second lock; in case the door is opened while the device is working which ensures the X-ray stops working.

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